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Beam Dyeing Machine

We manufacture superior quality of HTHP Beam Dyeing Machinery that are extensively used for dyeing almost any kind of fabric. High in efficiency, these beam dyeing machinery have capacity of dyeing fabrics upto 300 Kgs/batch. These machines are ideal for working pressure upto 5 bar and temperature upto 1350 degree C. Our beam dyeing machines are highly fuel efficient and provide long service with hassle free operation.

Beam Dyeing MachineApplication :
For dyeing and bleaching of all types of fabrics.

Salient Features: Tailor Made Production
We are also capable of manufacturing machineries with various diameters and width as per customer's requirement.

Pneumatic Press

We manufacture superior quality of pneumatic press that is extensively used in textile industries for pressing yarn cheese. These machines are designed in such a way that it can easily handle large carrier and tall carriers. Our Pneumatic Press is available in different capacities as per the requirement of the customers.

Salient Features :

Hot Air Dryer For Yarn

Texfab Manufactures chamber type forced circulation Hot Air Dryer For Yarn for dyed yarn packages from capacity 25 to 500 Kgs/batch. The machine consists of:

Hot Air Dryer For YarnSalient Features : Salient Features :

Centrifuge Hydro Extractor

We expertise in manufacturing high quality Centrifuge Hydro Extractor that have high rotating speed for quick and maximum hydro extraction. The high production capacity and very low power consumption makes this machine must for every yarn dye house. Robust in structure, these textile processing machines are compact in size and occupies very less floor space. Our Centrifuge Hydro Extractor are available in different capacities as per the requirement of the customer.

Centrifuge Hydro ExtractorApplication : Used for hydro extraction of dyed yarn packages in a short time and at low cost.

Salient Features :

Technical Specification:
Model size : 24" 36" 48" 60"
Approximate loading capacity (polyester) : 27 kg. 45 kg. 63 kg. 90 kg.

Centrifuge Hydro Extractor for Fabrics & Fibre cake
We offer our clients basket type hydro extractor that are either semi open or fully open. These machines are mostly used for hydro extraction of fabrics, hanks, tops and more. Our machines are easy to operate and facilitate direct loading and unloading of fabric in rope form in to the basket from overhead hoist. High in durability and functionality, these machines are sturdily built and dynamically balanced to high accuracy. Our Centrifuge Hydro Extractor is available in diverse specification as per the requirement of our esteemed customer.

Salient Features :

Autoclaves for Heat Setting and Yarn Conditioning

Engineered to precision, our Autoclaves are used for heat setting and conditioning of yarn in various capacity ranging from 50 Kgs/batch - 1000 Kgs/batch. These machines are provided with watering vacuum pump which ensures homogeneous distribution of machines for proper conditioning of yarn. Additionally, the heating provides the precise final dryness to the yarn for the subsequent process step. Our machines are available with yarn carrying and yarn charging trolley that are made as per the customer's requirement to accommodate maximum material and different loading arrangements.

Autoclaves for Heat Setting and Yarn ConditioningSalient Features :

Radio Frequency Dryer

In a radio frequency heating/drying system, the RF generator creates an alternating electric field between two electrodes. The material to be heated / dried is conveyed between the electrodes, where an alternating energy field causes polar molecules in the material to continuously reorient them to face opposite electrodes much like the way bar magnets move to face opposite poles in an alternating magnetic field. Friction resulting from this molecular movement causes the material to rapidly heat throughout its entire mass.

Radio Frequency DryerFeatures of RF Drying : Application :
The RF dryer is widely used in Textile industry all over the world for drying the materials after bleaching, dyeing, mercerizing or wet processing after the initial hydro extraction process in a centrifuge to remove excess water.

Any textile material in the form of fibres, Cheeses, cones, hanks, tows & tops and fabrics can be dried in a RF dryer and over the years this technology has increasingly become an accepted and preferred method for drying.


High -Pressure Spray System Humidifier For Textiles Industry

The relative humidity (RH) must be strictly controlled in the process of textile production to improve the strength, the softness and quality of yarn to increase it's weight and improve plant productivity.

HumidifierOur humidifier can solve your big problems Tex-Fab has introduced in India high Pressure spray hunmidifier 'SIJIRUN' for textile industry. The system is developed by Japan Guo Dam Lord Tai Ko association and promoted by Siera-Japan Hangzhon Sigreen Hunidifier equipment Co. Ltd.

Working :
The system consists of high pressure (70-100 bar) ceramic plunger pump that transfer the Grade 3 filtered water to the spray nozzle, through high pressure copper tubes. The spray nozzle produces 5 billion atomized particles 3-15 mecrious in diameters easily gasifiable, so textile machines wont be effected. The RH is accurately and automatically maintained with the aid of humidity sensors, frequency converter, PLC and live monitor.

This system is 100 times more efficient than traditional ionic pump and 10 times more efficient than Centrifugal and gas water mixed pumps.

It Does not require supplementary equipment like air compressor and cooling Towers/chillers. Uses tap water. Lowers the temperature in summer (ad dice in the tank). The system is available in different models and configuration to cover areas 50-8000M2

Recommended for complete spinning mills from ginning and blow room to post spinning, weaving mills & knitting units, Yarn conditioning departments & yarn winding departments post dyeing & drying.